About Sikh Society of Florida

In 1973, a handful of Sikhs living in Miami-Fort Lauderdale area gathered as Sikh Sangat for the first time and conceptualized the need for a Gurudwara Sahib in the area. Jaswant Singh Bhatti, Darshan Kaur Bhatti, Onkar Singh Narula, Jaswant Singh Pannu, Manmohan Singh Randhawa, Nardev Kaur Randhawa, Malkit Singh Sidhu, Kirpal Singh Sidhu, Sardarni Sidhu, Pargat Singh and Ajaib Singh as founding members initiated monthly deewans in the Sikh tradition where Indian community came together for spiritual upliftment.

Sikhs and non-Sikhs volunteered their homes for the monthly deewans. Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s annual prakash utsavs were celebrated with enthusiasm in bigger places rented from colleges and universities. Mr. Laxman Phadke, a professor and talented musician was greatly instrumental in the success of these celebrations.

Soon, Sikh Society was registered as a Florida non-profit religious organization and in 1980 three acres of land was purchased to build the Gurudwara. Construction was started in 1988. Until completion of the building in 1991, major gurupurabs were celebrated under canvas tent erected for the day. Bhai Mukhtiar Singh Ji was the first Granthy and he served the community until his heavenly departure in 2007. Over the years, the community has purchased adjoining land and added to the original building to meet the needs of a growing Sangat in South Florida.

Building SSOF 1989