Punjabi School

Classes for All Ages

Sikh Society of Florida provides a great educational opportunity for children and adults to enroll in Punjabi classes that are held every Sunday. The main focus for the class is to educate students about the Punjabi language and also to provide knowledge on various Sikhism topics that include history, culture and beliefs.

Class Type



Beginners 4 Years To begin to write and understand the alphabet.
Beginners Plus 5-6 Years To write and read all 35 letters of the alphabet.
Intermediate 6-8 years To begin to learn the vowels (moharni).
Intermediate Plus 8-10 Years To be able to write words with moharni.
Advanced 10-15 Years To be able to read Punjabi
Adults 21 Years + " "
Kirtan All Ages Learn how to play the Vaja and Tabla

Register TBD

Registration is to be determined. Please register using the form provided in the PDF file. You can then scan this form and send it to ssof@miamigurudwara.org . You can also drop this form off at the Gurudwara.

Registration Information

Schedule Every Sunday 10:30AM to 11:30AM
Location Langar Hall
Fee 1 student from 1 family: $20.00
2 students from 1 family: $15.00
3+ students from 1 family: $10.00
Registration Form

Download Registration Form

Contact Person/Email Name: Daljit Kaur Sibia
Email: dksandhu26@hotmail.com

Resources to get Started

These are some resources, which can give you a headstart if you are planning on starting to learn Punjabi. They can also give you a boost if you already are learning Punjabi!